what is infrarealism?


Art movements are moving from one side to the other, either on earth, technics, or spirits.

Artists explore a passion, for art, painting, ideas and most of the time a better humanity.

This way, art is joining society if not politics.

In the 20th century, many art movement appears, and disappears. Famous one are wellknown, by name, and sometimes by spirit. 

I will pick up the biggest one, Surrealism in Europe, then Abstract expressionism in USA, back to Europe with New realism. 

As in the 20th beginning, the same question arise on “what is the current art movement ?.” Please let me know your thoughs on it, I am interested in.


In this big landscape, a non-born movement show up with Roberto Matta in 1940. He was member of the Surrealist group, some year before this group disolves. 

This movement is the Infrarealism. Roberto describes it as the “interrupted reality”, keeping in its shapes the movement, the time.  

Stanislaw Kors, a Polish Postwar painter, makes its own the Infrarealism. He express himself mostly on the Cosmos describes by Roberto Matta.


Nowaday, at the beginning of this 21th century, a new Infrarealist manifesto is proposed. You will find it in this site.

The new born movement is represented by a few European painters, like Françoise Acezat-Mispelter, Steve Awhtz, Christophe Baudin and Jean Gounin.


Enjoy the Infrareaslim Art!


Steve Awhtz, 2019