The infrarealism art manifesto for the 21th century

1- Joy and happiness are an inalienable right of all human beings

2- Art, as a catalyst of emotion, must dedicate a part of its richness to joy

3- Infrarealism, an intermediary between matter and emotion, generates joy without interpreting it

4- Joy, a simple and universal feeling, remains free of all beliefs or opinions, as infrarealism should be

5- An infrarealistic work imposes the minimum of meaning outside itself, to focus on emotional feelings.

6- Joy and life share their source, that sublime infra-realism

7- The infrarealistic work, bringing joy, is renewed with the maturity of human society

8- Witness of the progress made in the past, infrarealism is impregnated with the present and forwards into the future

9- The technics or the medium of the infrarealistic work adapts to the period.



ASF12 La Licorne - 10x15 1080